Sandy Rodeck is a modern day Cassandra.  The ancient Greeks utilized divination to determine their hazy futures, and often, consulted oracles, soothsayers and the like.  One such prophet of Greek antiquity and mythology was the pulchritudinous and alluring Cassandra.  Charismatic Sandy Rodeck is akin to Cassandra, not only because she is a beautiful Moon Goddess, but highly intuitive, as well.  (Thanks be to the gods, she has been able to transcend Cassandra's psychic abilities, as well as elude her tragic fate.)  Sandy's in depth reading went far beyond astrology; it was accurate, profound, and insightful.
Christa Bergerson

January of 2009 I was on vacation in Florida. Already starting out the year with alot of stress, Florida seemed the place to unwind. As I stood out on the balcony of the hotel room I saw a shooting star. I wished upon that star to give me guidance during this difficult time and asked what is my purpose in life to go through all of this and why me!!!!

The next day I checked my voice messages at my office back in Chicago. There was a message from a lady needing my services. The message was very choppy so I could not make out her name or company.

The first day back in Chicago I received another call from the mysterious lady. It was Sandy Rodeck. She told me she is an astrologer.......I immediately remembered that shooting star and the wish I made upon it. I met with Sandy that afternoon, as she walked into my office I felt as thou I had known her all my life.

One of the BEST choices that I have made this year was to set up a time to meet with Sandy and get a personal reading. She answered many questions that I needed to know and let me know the different paths that awaited me. She BLEW me away with how accurate she was about me. My entire family has had a reading done by Sandy, including my Son who is a United States Army Soldier serving in Iraq. He was totally amazed at what Sandy had to say. Sandy has never met my Soldier, yet she knows him well!!!!!!
Thank you Sandy for your caring heart and the time you extend to those who believe.
Sherry Miedema

When I met Sandy I was attracted to her inner glow of warmth and joy.  As she did my astrology chart and met with me, I was very moved.  She had spent a lot of time and put in a great deal of energy to prepare for our appointment.  Her delivery of the information was compassionate, specific to my life and very insightful.  She gave me the gift of confirming my life path and tangible guidance for the upcoming year.  I felt an exchange of higher energy during the reading which was very uplifting.  It was a very meaningful experience for me and I wholeheartedly recommend Sandy as an astrologer extraordinaire!
Nancy Campoy

When I first met Sandy, I knew there was something about her that was very special.  Her energy cannot only be felt, but seen.  My experience with Sandy was most astounding and I felt her words ingrained in my mind for days.  She helped me see the things I have always known but never could understand.  I will carry her inspiration with me forever.  Sandy has done readings for my whole family and now I have been able to put the pieces together like a puzzle.  Things that were difficult to understand, now are very clear.  What I thought was a dysfunctional family, was just people learning how to find their way in this world.  Thank you so much Sandy, you are truly gifted!
Mia Robin

Thank you Sandy for providing me with a very detailed, in-depth look at the various planetary energetic influences for the coming year and how I can effectively and beneficially work with these energies. You truly have advanced knowledge and skills that allow you to cover a wide variety of areas in one's astrological chart. It is obvious that you have both the commitment and compassion for providing extensive information that focuses on the highest good of the person you are reading. You have helped me to gain a greater understanding of myself, the strengths that I have and what my Soul has chosen to accomplish in this lifetime. You truly have a gift. Thank you.
Cheryle Lichtenberger

My husband and I had our first astrological chart reading and we were stunned by the process, the incredible detail and the hours of work Sandy put into all this.    She is very serious, passionate, and professional about what she does and it is clearly evident in her work.   This was not only fascinating to us, but we have learned a great deal and received greater clarification about our lives and other matters.   Even though Sandy did much work and research to pull all this information together for each of us, we now need to take the next step forward  and apply this information.    We are excited about doing just this and discovering what other things we can learn, explore and understand better.    We both highly recommend Sandy to anyone who might be interested in exploring their lives further.   My husband and I also plan to do more work with Sandy in the near future.
Terry & Rolfe Hokanson

My reading from Sandy was a revelation.  She has the gift of knowing just how to take chart information and apply it directly to your life in a mystical, meaningful way.  I felt as though she was reading my very soul and had known me all my life!
Susan Blake

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